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About Moda Eixample

Barcelona’s Eixample district is one of the most emblematic sections of one of the world’s most fabulous cities. The word “Eixample” is Catalan for “expansion”. This district, which is made up of six distinct neighborhoods, gets its name from the fact that it was the first phase of Barcelona’s expansion beyond the borders of Barri Gotico. With its tree-lined streets and elegantly paved sidewalks, Eixample feels like a million miles away from the old city. It’s also full of elegantly constructed buildings that date back to the late 1800’s.

One of the most unique aspects of the different buildings in Eixample is the use of “taulas hidraulicos”, or hydraulic tiles on the floors and walls. These beautiful, brightly colored tiles get their name from the fact that they were hand drawn and hand made using a manually operated hydraulic press. They feature beautiful geometric patterns, a variety of colors and are usually arranged in a mis-matched pattern to create a gorgeous Mosaic effect on the floors and walls of the vintage buildings in Eixample.

When we first visited Barcelona, we fell in love with the Eixample, and these gorgeous tiles are a big part of why. So, in keeping with the “expansion” theme that birthed the Eixample, we decided to expand the use of these tiles by incorporating them into fashion. We’ve created a carefully curated line of hats, jackets, shirts and women’s yoga pants that captures the beauty of geometric tiles and taula hidraulico patterns. We hope you love them as much as we do!